NEW MUSIC: Ekurtis – HumDrum (Video)



NEW MUSIC: Ekurtis – HumDrum (Video)

“HumDrum” immediately captivates with its charming and essentially super catchy melody, the soft vocals and its minimalistic instrumentation. This is a colorful and gorgeous video, with someone in it who can sing AND dance, no wonder because the artist who goes by Ekurtis exchanged his ballet dancing career with making music. If Ekurtis continues to direct and produce such appealing videos, he can easily combine many of his undeniable talents. He shares photography credits with Hopper Race, who also appears in the video.

Watch “HumDrum”, a true synth-pop beauty:

See Ekurtis live on Friday, May 26th when he plays at The Delancey. More info HERE.

Stream HumDrum on Spotify and get it on iTunes and find it also on Soundcloud:

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