3 Is A Band: Big Bliss



3 Is A Band: Big Bliss

Listening through the Northside Festival 2017 showcasing bands, I didn’t come far at first because… Big Bliss got my full attention and their debut EP “Keep Near” on heavy repeat despite wanting to make it through the entire list of bands.

This Brooklyn-based three piece creates incredibly gorgeous shoegazey guitar driven post-punk, with warm and emotive vocals, interesting bass-lines, jangly guitars and great rhythm. Big Bliss are comprised of brothers Cory (drums) and Tim Race (vocals, guitar) as well as Wallace May (bass, backing vocals). Signed to Exit Stencil Recordings, Big Bliss have a full length album in the works to be released later this year.

Catch Big Bliss during Northside Festival playing at Terra Firma on June 9, 2017.

Listen to the bright and lively new single “Fortune”…

… and stream the gorgeous EP “Keep Near” on Spotify:

Photo credit: Jose Berrio

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