SONG PICK: Sorcha Richardson – 4 am



SONG PICK: Sorcha Richardson – 4 am

Brooklyn via Dublin singer/songwriter Sorcha Richardson has a wonderfully intimate way to interpret her songs. But for her latest track “4 am” she changed direction and added a decisively electronic production. Sorcha explains:

In the past my records have been introspective and apologetic and I think the production and overall sound reflected that sentiment. The truth is, with 4AM, I was done apologizing. This song is about putting your foot down and standing up for yourself, and the production echoes that. It’s stronger and more cutting and that’s how I felt making it. Beyond that, I may write these emotional songs but I’m not trying to be a niche bedroom guitarist- I want to make songs that can live outside of the quiet moments when you’re alone in your bedroom…. songs you can listen to at a party or driving around with friends.

Listen to “4 am”, our Song Pick of the Day now:

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