3 Is A Band: Charlie Johns



3 Is A Band: Charlie Johns

When I came across Charlie Johns recently, I totally liked what I was listening to, looked at the band photos, listened a bit more and scheduled a 3 Is A Band feature since this band is not only comprised of Charlie Johns (singer, songwriter) but also Daniel Foster (bass) and Kieron Rattigan (drums). The name didn’t ring a bell yet something felt surprisingly familiar!

Turns out, I loved Charlie Johns’s sound already last year, when he was still making music as Real Talk. As the main singer and songwriter of his new project under his own name, he enjoys the greater freedom and essential control of his music. And the product of his new approach is a fine EP with four alt-rock tracks that feature catchy hooks as well as Charlie’s very own spin on things. They are still three musicians though who bring the music to life:

From opening track “Miss Someone”, through “Blew It”, “Actress Girl” and the last track “Liberty Speaks”, there is solid songwriting to be enjoyed paired with a rather irresistible uniqueness. These are songs and arrangements that linger, sparking the desire for more or the very least to start from the beginning again.

Listen to the last track first, because… it is my favorite on the album, the atmospheric “Liberty Speaks”:

Then add some charming visuals, for the beautifully melancholic, partially optimistic “Miss Someone”, the EP’s title track. The video is directed by Alex Cardy:

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Get the EP  “Miss Someone” on iTunes and stream it on Spotify. Enjoy!

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