SONG PICK: Aggressive Swans – Every Teardrop



SONG PICK: Aggressive Swans – Every Teardrop

“Every Teardrop” is a beautifully fresh flashback when synth-pop was all the rage, with its crazy-cool beats and overall irresistible catchiness. Munich-based duo Aggressive Swans are onto something with “Every Teardrop” which could as easily have been created in Los Angeles, London or New York.

Granted, I am especially excited that Janko Raseta and Christopher Chlupacek, the two musicians who form Aggressive Swans, are located in my former hometown, Munich close to a few big lakes where you can observe aggressive swans (the birds) in its natural habitat.

Listen to the exciting and gorgeous “Every Teardrop”, our Song Pick of the Day, and stay tuned for more to come! Stream “Every Teardrop” also on Spotify and iTunes:


Photo credit: by Marie Gryczka / Rue Nouvelle

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