SONG PICK: Flashes – Paintbrush



SONG PICK: Flashes – Paintbrush

What starts out as beautifully flowing strokes of sound with a distinct urgency to it, develops into something wild and grunge and equally awesome. One can take “Paintbrush” by British five-piece Flashes quite literally, because comparisons with paintings on canvas come to mind: first tentative, exploring, testing the waters and then bold, big strokes, angry almost. Flashes call themselves a “kaleidoscopic dream noise quartet from Cornwall, UK” and that sums it up perfectly. Listen to the stunning “Paintbrush”, our Song Pick of the Day:

If you like “Paintbrush”, listen to the entire EP “Rrzhev” which was recorded and re-recorded in a run-down chapel over a period of 18 months. Find the album also on Bandcamp.

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