VIDEO PREMIERE: Wolf & Moon – Garden Of Potential



VIDEO PREMIERE: Wolf & Moon – Garden Of Potential

“Garden Of Potential” is a delightfully dreamy song, with a dose of melancholy and longing yet an ultimately positive edge. The Dutch dream-folk-duo Wolf & Moon released the single earlier this month and we are excited to exclusively premiere its video stateside.

The visuals for “Garden Of Potential” couldn’t be more stunning! From frame to frame, everything screams BEAUTY, not surprising since the video got shot on the Azores Islands. What makes the video especially fascinating though, is the interplay of Wolf & Moon’s Stefanie and Dennis with the breathtakingly dramatic landscape. The video was directed by Ivan Monagas and Angela Lopez who managed to capture the essence of “Garden Of Potential” with this clip. Wolf & Moon are travelers by heart, the nomadic type but currently based in Berlin.

To learn more about how the visuals of “Garden Of Potential” came together, read on here and then watch the video:

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