EXCITED ABOUT: L. $hamPain – Color And Light



EXCITED ABOUT: L. $hamPain – Color And Light

Following L. $hamPain’s body of work is like a journey to a not yet known genre: you know that she will arrive at an exciting place, but you can’t tell where that will be. “Color and Light”, her seventh EP in less than two years, continues on the path of beat-heavy, industrial-tinged music that began with “Hysterical Blindness” this spring, but feels more restrained and lucid than its predecessors.

L. $ShamPain about “Color And Light”:

The title says it all I’m afraid. This EP, Color and Light, is about the way we see things — ourselves, the people around us, and most confusingly, the way the people around us see us.
To pointlessly expand on the point, color and light, on the one hand, are the traits that make the act of looking at things so captivating. On the other hand though, they are also the main features of optical illusions.
But let’s be honest (at the risk of being very dull), it’s the illusions and the misperceptions that make day to day life interesting. However, “interesting” is rarely a synonym for “good” and never a synonym for “happy”.

Listen to “Cracking Up Gold”:

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