SONG PICK: Liana Bank$ – Ghost (Video)



SONG PICK: Liana Bank$ – Ghost (Video)

Join Liana Bank$ on an evening out in New York City. Visit atmospheric locations, go to fancy parties and meet cool people to an ultra-relaxed, nocturnal soundtrack. Here’s what Liana says about “Ghost”, the first track of her upcoming second EP “APT. 201”:

“Ghost” was one of the first songs I recorded for the upcoming EP, APT. 210. It started as a freestyle and once I finished it, knew that it was the song I’ve been waiting for. I framed the rest of the EP around the feeling this song gives me… free and effortless. I’m excited to share my experience and get a lot more personal this time around! 

Watch “Ghost”, our Song Pick of the Day here:

Listen to “Ghost” on Soundcloud or Spotify:

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