SONG PICK: BOO – Radiation (Video)



SONG PICK: BOO – Radiation (Video)

BOO stands for Battery Operated Orchestra, an Australian/Scottish duo who creates “irony-free DIY synthpop” with layers of synth arpeggios, glitchy bass, icy beats and deadpan vocals. There is more than one nod to the 80s here: for the video they duplicated themselves into a Kraftwerk-style lineup and they released a maxi single together with some remixes (free download on Bandcamp). However, the topic of the song is straight from the 21st century as BOO explains:

Radiation is about taking our power back. So much of what we say and think has been transmitted to us by other people, but we can transmit right back. If matter is condensed energy then directed energy is potential matter, potential reality. Radiate

Watch the video to “Radiation” here:

Listen to “Radiation” on Soundcloud:

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