glamglare’s MONDO.NYC must-see picks



glamglare’s MONDO.NYC must-see picks

Last year, MONDO.NYC hit the New York music scene for the very first time and is heading into round two, starting October 4th. While MONDO.NYC is still a fairly small festival with roughly 180 participating artists, they come from all over the United States, Europe and Australia and this means a lot to discover! The festival’s focus is clearly on exciting new artists, with a few bigger names thrown in.

The particular allure of a festival like this lays in the possibility to explore at your own leisure without the need to be bound at one big stage or one venue only. With that in mind, MONDO.NYC concentrates on a few independently owned music venues on the Lower East Side, namely:

  • The Bowery Electric
  • Rockwood Music Hall
  • Pianos
  • The Delancey
  • Berlin Bar
  • DROM

Aside from music, MONDO.NYC offers an impressive conference part, three days jam-packed with sessions, panels and workshops all around the music business. A badge gets you into the conference action AND the showcases.

We have listened through most of the 180+ participating acts, checked out the MONDO.NYC recommended highlights and our picks are acts we finally want to see live, or want to see again or are simply curious how they would sound live. With most of the action being on the Lower East Side, we do the festival thing and hop from place to place. Here’s our schedule for MONDO.NYC 2017, with room for spontaneous discoveries… If you see us, please say ‘hi’. Enjoy!

For more info check out MONDO.NYC.


WEDNESDAY – October 4th

7:00 pm @ Bowery Electric Downstairs
Laura Sauvage
indie rock
Montreal, Canada

7:30 pm @ DROM
Royal Prospect
rock pop
Lomma, Sweden

8:00 pm @ The Delancey
Shag Rock
Brisbane, Australia

10:00 pm @ Pianos Showroom
Blak Emoji
New York, NY
Festival 8 @ C’mon Everybody, August 2016
Live @ Knitting Factory for Northside Festival 2016
Song Pick of the Day – “Sapiosexual”

10:30 pm @ DROM
Eli Tyler
electro pop
New York, NY

THURSDAY – October 5th

7:00 pm @ The Delancey
indie rock
Paris, France
Video – “Divided By One”

8:00 pm @ Pianos Showroom
Holy Golden
dream pop
Song Pick of the Day – “Where Were You When”

8:00 pm @ Bowery Electric Downstairs
Danny Ayer
New York, NY

8:00 pm @ DROM
Kingston upon Thames, UK
Song Pick of the Day – “Heaven”
Favorite Top 10 Albums of 2016 – Oliver’s Picks

9:00 pm @ Pianos Upstairs
New York, NY
Video – “Them”

9:00 pm @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
Angel Snow
indie rock
Franklin, TN

11:00 pm @  Bowery Electric Map Room
Brooklyn, NY
Live @ The Delancey, May 2017V
Video – “Of Your Crimes”

11:00 pm @ Bowery Electric Downstairs
Brass Phantoms
indie rock
Dublin, Ireland

11:00 pm @ Pianos Showroom
Von Sell
electro pop
Brooklyn, NY
Song Pick of the Day – “Miss Me”
Video – “I Insist”


FRIDAY – October 6th

6:00 pm @ The Delancey
electronic soul
Reykjavík, Iceland
Live @ Húrra for Iceland Airwaves 2016

7:00 pm @ Bowery Electric Downstairs
The Lulls
progressive soft rock
San Diego, CA
Live @ The Delancey, October 2016
Live @ The Bowery Electric for MONDO.NYC 2016
Video – Paris
Song Premiere – “Bruise”

7:00 pm @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1
post-pop rock
New York, NY
Live @ C’mon Everybody, August 2016

8:00 pm @ The Delancey
Late Guest At The Party
New York, NY
Song Premiere – “Add It Up”
Song Premiere – “Give You A Life”

9:00 pm @ The Delancey
Mt. Wolf
London, UK
Live @ The Sidewinder for SXSW 2017
Live @ Latitude 30 for SXSW 2017
Song Pick of the Day – “The Electric”

10:00 pm @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1
Hillary Capps
alt pop
Brooklyn, NY

10:00 pm @ Pianos Showroom
Carnival Youth
Riga, Latvia
Live @ Pianos for Mondo.NYC 2016

10:00 pm @ The Delancey
Sleep Thieves
indie pop
Dublin, Ireland
Song Pick of the Day – “Is This Ready”

11:00 pm @ The Delancey
Letters to Nepal
indie electronic
Brooklyn, NY
Live @ Knitting Factory for Northside Festival 2017
Song Pick of the Day – “Come Find Me”
Live @ Cake Shop, September 2016

SATURDAY – October 7th

6:00 pm @The Delancey
folk rock’n’roll
Brooklyn, NY
Planned Parenthood (compilation)
Live @ Knitting Factory for Northside Festival 2017
Live @ The Delancey, March 2017

7:00 pm @ The Delancey
Gabrielle Marlena
Brooklyn, NY

8:00 pm @ DROM
EP Review
Song Pick of the Day – “Toronto”
Song Pick of the Day – “False”

9:00 pm @ – Berlin Bar
New York, NY

11:00 pm @ The Delancey
Climbing Trees
indie rock
South Wales, UK
Song Pick of the Day – “Fall”

11:00 pm @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3
Jackie Venson
blues / rock
Austin, TX
Song Pick of the Day – “Flying”

11:00 pm @ Rockwood Music Hall Stage 1
Long Island, NY

SUNDAY – October 8th

4:45 pm @ Pianos Upstairs
Maya Lazaro
New York, NY
Video – “Nothing”

8:00 pm @ Pianos Upstairs
Between Giants
electro pop

Listen to the music of our must-see artists, and then come out and see them perform live:

All venues are in walking distance from each other:


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