SONG PICK: Cusi Coyllur – amivulnerable (Video)



SONG PICK: Cusi Coyllur – amivulnerable (Video)

Shannen Roberts aka Cusi Coyllur is a musician and a mental healthcare advocate. Her new song “amivulnerable”, an eclectic, skillful piece of electronic music, is about abuse and how difficult is is too escape:

Rearrange my words
So you hear what you like.
Rearrange history
In time.

The video abstracts domestic violence with a dance, but make no mistake: there is enough intensity in the clip to keep you watching for four and a half minutes. Shannen also runs a self-help website at

Watch the video for “amivulnarable” here:

Listen on SoundCloud or Spotify:

(Photo: Art Jefferson)

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