NEW MUSIC: Sgrow – Kismet (Video)



NEW MUSIC: Sgrow – Kismet (Video)

We have talked before about Sgrow, a Norwegian, electronic duo that does eclectic and gripping music maybe best suited for the twilight hours of the day. For the third single “Kismet” of their upcoming album, due out on November 10, they teamed up with director Linnea Syversen for a video that delivers the perfect backdrop for their music. The director explains:

When I listened to ‘Kismet’ for the first time, my mind and my associations immediately went to the image of this human being living outside of the community within its own world, imprisoned by destructive thoughts but at the same time hopeful for the future. I really wanted the scenes to reflect the register of human emotions which the song in my perception represents. From the unspoiled and the fragile, to the more raw, rough and animalistic that lies within us humans.

Watch “Kismet” here:

Listen to “Kismet” on SoundCloud:

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