SONG PICK: Blonde Maze – Thunder



SONG PICK: Blonde Maze – Thunder

Singer/producer Amanda Steckler aka Blonde Maze uses upbeat beats and bouncing synth lines in a unique way to create reflective, dreamy moments. Like when you let yourself be taken away by nostalgia and melancholia for a few minutes, before going back in and enjoy your time together with your loved ones. Amanda says about her new song “Thunder”:

To me, “Thunder” is about growing and changing with someone. You start to miss older times with them, but you also acknowledge that the growth has made them an inseparable part of your heart. Sometimes, with a relationship’s maturity, you lose your patience more, you let your guard down, and you get hurt, but the beauty of this maturity is that there becomes no one else in the world you are as comfortable growing with.

Blonde Maze has only released two songs since her 2015 debut EP “Oceans”, but she is set to put out a second EP in 2018. Listen to “Thunder”, our Song Pick of the Day now on SoundCloud or Spotify:

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