SONG PICK: Choir Boy – Sunday Light



SONG PICK: Choir Boy – Sunday Light

How would the best of 80s synth-pop in a nutshell, in just one sole song sound like? Listen to “Sunday Light” by Choir Boy and you might have an answer. By all means, “Sunday Light” is a brand-new glorious track by singer/songwriter Adam Klopp who goes by Choir Boy, a name he took on after he has been labeled as such, fronting punk bands in Cleveland, Ohio. He left these days behind though, and after having released his debut LP “Passive With Desire“, he is about to release “Sunday Light” with the B-side “Madeline” as 7″ vinyl on Dais Records on 10/21/17.

“Sunday Light” is a coming of age story, and touches on the frightening aspects of religion, ritual, and secrecy through the eyes of someone discovering the truth behind the door for the first time. Strong vocals soar throughout the composition, reaching dizzying heights and diving into low and commanding tones, backed with strings and reverbed keys – it makes for majestic, but haunted nostalgia.

Without even listening to the lyrics, the track expresses all that sonically. Absolutely amazing and I can not get enough of “Sunday Light”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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