SONG PICK: Pale Oaks – Drink & Share



SONG PICK: Pale Oaks – Drink & Share

The capital of Greece, Athens, seems to be a new (?) breeding ground of highly inspired and inspiring indie rock. We came across surprisingly many cool Greek acts already and are adding Pale Oaks to this illustrious list. Pale Oaks have recently released their debut EP “…I’ve Been Better”, recorded and mixed by Alex Ketenjian (Planet of Zeus, Despite Everything) at Unreal Studios and mastered by Emily Lazar (Foo Fighters, Tegan and Sara, Touche Amore) featuring five synth pop and alt rock inspired stunners.

The single “Drink & Share” is maybe the stand-out track with its relentlessly driving beat, thick guitar and vocal harmonies, all creating one heck of an infectious song. “Drink & Share” is our Song Pick of the Day:

Stream the EP “…I’ve Been Better” on Spotify and get it on iTunes too.

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