SONG PREMIERE: Lou Scarrs – What We Do



SONG PREMIERE: Lou Scarrs – What We Do

The irresistible allure of “All I Ever Knew” has not yet cooled off (see our recent Song Pick), and here is Lou Scarrs again with a new monster stunner! We are thrilled to exclusively premiere “What We Do” today, another track from Lou Scarrs’ upcoming EP, produced by fellow Aussie Oscar Dawson. “What We Do” comes right at you with a bang: powerful vocals over hard-hitting drums contrasting with soothing strings, and a crazy catchy chorus.

What was Lou Scarrs’s intention when creating this instantly appealing track? Here is what the artist revealed to us:

This is probably the song I’m most proud of from the EP. I was listening to a fair amount of Dr Dre produced early 00’s mainstream hip-hop around the time of writing this tune and it probably shows a bit in the chorus. That music was the soundtrack to a lot of the house parties I went to when I was younger. I must admit I kinda didn’t ‘get it’ at the time but now I really appreciate the beauty in its simplicity. Lyrically, this track was inspired by witnessing a few really intense love/hate relationships. Kisses and professions of undying love one minute followed by abuse and china plate hurling the next. In the bridge, there’s a real Jekyll and Hyde-ness to the vocal delivery which I really like – “sometimes I love you so much, sometimes I hate your very touch…” It was probably the song that took the longest to record but may well be the best – my favourite anyhow.

Without knowing the entire album, it is impossible to choose a favorite but without a doubt, “What We Do” is a fantastic, highly irresistible tune, perfect to get a party going or as a cheer-me-up when needed. Listen now to “What We Do”, our Song Pick of the Day Premiere: 

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