SONG PICK: Kim Logan – Hitch Your Wagon



SONG PICK: Kim Logan – Hitch Your Wagon

The psychedelic, slightly 60s and totally sensual vibe of “Hitch Your Wagon” makes for one irresistible track. “Hitch Your Wagon” is the latest single by songwriter, opera singer and performance artist Kim Logan, originating from Florida and now based out of Nashville. The track got released together with “Ladyboy” another fantastic song, yet totally different in its vibe, showcasing Kim Logan’s multi-faceted talents. Both tracks were written with longtime collaborator Gyasi Heus, who also played most of the instruments on the recording. “Hitch Your Wagon” and “Ladyboy” mark the third chapter in Kim Logan’s “Pseudoscience” releases.

Listen to the highly alluring “Hitch Your Wagon”, our Song Pick of the Day.

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