SONG PREMIERE: Letters To Nepal – Our Hands



SONG PREMIERE: Letters To Nepal – Our Hands

Evgeniya Kusnetsova, singer and lyricist of the Brooklyn duo Letters To Nepal is a dreamer. Her songs often evolve around utopian thoughts like global unity, peace and shared purpose. So is also their new single “Our Hands” a reflection on the time we live in. The anthemic chorus “our hands are one” refers to the fact that no matter what, we all are in this together. Guitarist and producer Anton Fadeev gently plucks the strings and adds sparse beats, giving the song a certain lightness, yet a look at the lyrics reveals the darker undertones.

Evgeniya explains:

“While a pillow fight usually is a playful thing, it is also essentially -as the name already suggests- a ‘fight’. Sometimes, we let negative emotions like anger, greed or selfishness take hold of our better selves, instead of showing our smart and kind human side. These topics are important to me, hence ‘Our Hands’.”

The duo told us that this is a theme they are going to explore further throughout their upcoming EP, scheduled for spring 2018.

We are delighted to premiere “Our Hands”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Photo: Denys Trofimchuk

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