SONG PICK: big tide – Thirst For The Limelight



SONG PICK: big tide – Thirst For The Limelight

“Thirst For The Limelight” by singer/songwriter big tide comes with jangly guitars, a mesmerizing melody and ultra-charming vocals. It is easy to keep the track on repeat with its upbeat vibe and catchy flow. Leeds-based Ben Thomas is the musician behind big tide and he reveals the following about his new single:

“I used to get obsessed with trying to be 100% unique, and if a song I wrote had even the slightest whiff of somebody else’s I’d instantly scrap it. With big tide I seem to have lost that, if the song stands up on its own merits I’ll stick with it. After all it’s Rock and Roll, there’s only so many chords. Everyone influences everyone, it’s very freeing”

Agreed! One hundred percent. big tide doesn’t have to worry because “Thirst For The Limelight” is uniquely beautiful and our Song Pick of the Day. Listen to the single now:




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