PHOTOS: High Waisted Live at Rough Trade



PHOTOS: High Waisted Live at Rough Trade

When we recently asked High Waisted about their favorite decade in our Q&A feature, Jessica Dye (vocals, guitar) answered:

“The 1970s in London so I could be best friends with Viv Albertine, Chrissie Hynde and Vivienne Westwood and shop at Sex. I’d play punk rock and wear Dr Martens and tease my hair huge.”

Were we not already hooked by great songs like “Free Throw” and “Firebomb” this sealed the deal and we wanted to see Jessica together with Jono Bernstein (drums) Richey Rose (bass) and Stephen Neilsen (guitar, vocals) (guitar / vox) live. High Waisted ended their 2 months tour on a high note when they played Rough Trade NYC on a Saturday evening, being supported by The Coax, the band they toured with, melodic punk rockers Beechwood and classic rock band Hundred Hounds.

While the evening held great music all around, High Waisted were clearly the act the party was for, and partying they did, together with a happy audience. Enjoy some photos from the show and check out High Waisted on Spotify and iTunes.

== All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Watch the video for “Firebomb” to see some of the high voltage energy for yourself:

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