NEW MUSIC: Inkfields – Snare Yourself (Video)



NEW MUSIC: Inkfields – Snare Yourself (Video)

There is something immediately intriguing about “Snare Yourself”, and the more the song unfolds, the more we are under its spell. This holds even more true for the accompanying visuals, the  video for “Snare Yourself”. It shows Edinburgh-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Samuel-James Griffiths, who goes by the artist name Inkfields, how he is carrying a plant through different situations and scenarios. Super cool idea and execution!

Here is what the artist has to say about the track and its video:

“Snare Yourself is about not living your life by the rulebook. It’s based on a chance encounter with an overly grumpy, rules and regulations focused individual. That’s the literal inspiration but it could be about your general approach to life and avoiding becoming a robot or the same as everyone else.”

Watch the video to “Snare Yourself” now and stay tuned for Inkfield’s debut album ” Beneath The Waves” to drop in February next year: 

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