SONG PICK: Obliques – Instant Pleasure



SONG PICK: Obliques – Instant Pleasure

Earlier this year during Brooklyn’s Northside Festival, I saw Obliques and liked them a lot but much to my chagrin forget about them again. Luckily, Zach Van Hoozer and Ben Flesch, the two artists behind New York-based Obliques, got brought to my attention again through their new single “Instant Pleasure”.

The decisively 70s retro-track does exactly that, exuding something highly pleasurable, maybe long-lost but awakened anew. When I saw Obliques, they are were six people on stage, because the core duo expands their band for playing live, adding more dimensions to their cinematic aesthetics and funky, soulful sound (next show 12/04/17).

Listen to “Instant Pleasure”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Stream the track on Spotify:

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