NEW MUSIC: Sera EKE – The Others (Video)



NEW MUSIC: Sera EKE – The Others (Video)

Here is an unofficial video by London artist Sera EKE, which she uses as a backdrop during her live shows for the song “The Others”. With strong visuals, the clip speaks for itself as a reminder that nobody should be ever made feeling unhappy about who they are. Sera explains:

Both the song and the video mean a lot to me… It’s about various deep-rooted fears which can cause endless loneliness. The fear of being different, or the fear of being just the same as everybody else.
The girls in the video demonstrate their pain very publically, and in some ways I’m just like them, in other ways I’m not. But we all endure moments when things fall apart, when everything feels meaningless and the pain pointless. And we keep our fingers crossed that the next day things will be better. We get frustrated because we can’t change the world single-handedly, but we sure do have the power to change what’s happening inside of us, and any small shift can affect the outside world.
All the people we see around us? They are the survivors!

Watch “The Others” here:

Check out Sera’s debut EP “Coup! Coup! Coup!” on Apple Music or Spotify. Watch her other videos for “The Space between Us” and “Coup! Coup! Coup!”.

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