SONG PICK: Document – Red Tape



SONG PICK: Document – Red Tape

The label ‘post-punk’ always peaks my interest, and a band from Tel Aviv even more so, that is why I started listening to “Red Tape”, the new -and totally awesome- single by DocumentMuch to my delight, aside from the reverb drenched, fuzzy guitars, there is something oddly ‘The Strokes’ going on… maybe it is singer Nir Ben Jacob’s way of delivery or maybe it is the uncanny creation of cool hooks that also ask for comparison with famous post punk bands like The Pixies, Sonic Youth or Interpol.

When asked about the song, Nir Ben Jacob explains:

“The song refers to dealing with bureaucracy – specifically with government agencies that are meant to serve the people when in fact they have made things so extremely complicated that you are lost and get screwed over if you’re not careful.”

Listen to “Red Tape”, ahead of the debut album “The Void Repeats” (out December 1st), our Song Pick of the Day:

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