SONG PICK: Ella Grace – Here We Are Again



SONG PICK: Ella Grace – Here We Are Again

“Here We Are Again” is the sigh after losing love to depression. It is a deeply personal experience that singer/songwriter Ella Grace describes here, but the song also fits well to the general up and down in life and the fact that darkness is broken by the dawn of a new day every time. Ella wraps this sentiment into a beautiful soundscape, including singing birds:

It’s really important to me that when we go into the studio to build the track, we build it in-keeping with the energy that the song was written in. In Here We Are Again we used the sounds of birds that we recorded from the wall of the cottage I grew up in, a place I spent a lot of time during this period of my life. There are so many subtle elements in all of my songs that make them meaningful to me, and I have a feeling that people, maybe without even realizing it, are left feeling my music pretty deeply because of this.

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