NEW MUSIC: The Rigs – World On Fire (Album)



NEW MUSIC: The Rigs – World On Fire (Album)

My gateway to The Rigs was the track “The Hunted”. Otherwise, to be very honest, I might not have listened past the first track “The Brave”, which points rather to big stadium glam rock complete with a big synth bridge. But with the beautifully haunting melody of “The Hunted” in my head, I was intrigued. And indeed, starting with track two which is “Fault Line”, the album takes a sharp turn: one hears Caitlin Parrot’s vocals for the first time and they stay with us for the remaining six songs. Still, musical diversity is the key for The Rigs’ debut album “World On Fire” and that makes it such a delightful listen: rock, pop and electronic are thrown together with different recipes and in the end there is even a pull-out-your-lighter (or cellphone) moment in “When We Were Young”, which features additional vocals by DeAnte Tyree Duckett.

Listen to “World on Fire” on Spotify or Apple Music:

Watch the new video for “The Hunted”:

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