SONG PICK: Eric Sharp – Too Much ft French Horn Rebellion



SONG PICK: Eric Sharp – Too Much ft French Horn Rebellion

What might sound contradictory actually goes oh so beautifully together: pronounced dance beats, playful synths, powerful vocals resulting in a deep feeling of relaxation. Wait until the warm and emotive horn solo sets in. Los Angeles-based producer Eric Sharp is onto something here when he enlists the artistry of Brooklyn-based French Horn Rebellion.

This super cool production has also its equally interesting back story, which French Horn Rebellion explains as follows:

“The first time I heard this track, Eric sent me a beat and a little chorus idea asking if I’d like to sing it. We had talked about doing a song together for years but when he sent this one over I knew it was finally the right time; I was instantly hooked. I love the final product and it was a real pleasure to sing and play horn on. Making those horn arrangements was epic.”

Listen to “Too Much”, our Song Pick of the Day, and hear for yourself what amazing vibes get unleashed here:


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