SONG PICK: Hero Fisher – I Let Love (Video)



SONG PICK: Hero Fisher – I Let Love (Video)

We are big fans of the dark, athmospheric pop songs of London-based singer/songwriter Hero Fisher and here is a excellent new sample of her craft. From the opening guitar line to the layered vocals in the end, “I Let Love” keeps your attention. Hero explains about the song:

I wanted to write a song where the focus jumped from person to person, like a contagion. The idea was that each verse would be an ordinary “day in the life of” each character, and that whatever was going on was a banal and daily grind. Each character would be possessed with this spirit, making them push on through, and shake off their demons.

Watch a little donkey marionette take a stroll through London in the beautifully photographed video for “I Let Love”:

Listen to “I Let Love” on Spotify:

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