PHOTOS: Argonaut & Wasp at Alphaville



PHOTOS: Argonaut & Wasp at Alphaville

Great music alone doesn’t make a great show and a great venue like Brooklyn’s Alphaville certainly helps yet it is great performers who ensure a fantastic experience. In short, Argonaut & Wasp were freakin’ awesome when they played Alphaville BK to an appreciative audience of friends and old and new fans alike.

Trey Schibli (vocals, guitar) and Theo Klein (vocals, synths), Alec Donkin (bass) and Chris Corsico (drums) brought their synth pop tinged and simply totally gorgeous sound beautifully to life. While Theo kept the cowbells close, Trey made his guitar chops heard and together they had fans dancing throughout their irresistibly catchy set.

While photos can only provide a glimpse of what really transcended, they give you an idea, and see you on January 20th when Argonaut & Wasp celebrate the release of their album at Nublu NYC.

(Click on a photo to browse through the gallery):

All concert photos by – © 2017 Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard

Listen to “Prove It To You / Body Sensations”:

… and stream more of Argonaut & Wasp on Spotify:

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