Oliver’s Top 15 Songs of 2017



Oliver’s Top 15 Songs of 2017

I am a fan of the album format and I don’t believe that albums will die anytime soon or ever. Still, choosing my favorite music in terms of full-length albums feels increasingly restrictive. Much new music is released on EPs and one-off singles. And then, as much as I enjoy an entire record from the first to the last track, the reality is that I do most of my listening through playlists. That’s why this year I chose my fifteen favorite songs of 2017, in no specific order. Find the playlist on Apple Music or Spotify.

åMBeOf Your Crimes
From “Enemy Of The People” (Apple Music | Spotify)

Gold ChildMe And You

Kelly Lee Owens – Lucid
From “Kelly Lee Owens” (Apple Music | Spotify)

BernacheYour Name

Pale HoneyReal Thing
From “Devotion” (Apple Music | Spotify)

SgrowIs Anyone Where They Want To Be?
From “Circumstance” (Apple Music | Spotify)

Black FlySign 2

Young GalaxyStay For Real

Sera EkeThe Space Between Us

Blonde MazeThunder

Chaos ChaosDripping With Fire

From “Dissolve” (Apple Music | Spotify)

DrinkerFake It
From “Happy Accident” (Apple Music | Spotify)

HezenOil Fire
From “Stigma” (Apple Music | Spotify)

Hero FisherSylvie

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