SONG PICK: Dario Margeli – How To Respond



SONG PICK: Dario Margeli – How To Respond

At the surface “How To Respond” is a beautiful indie-electronic pop song, with a driving beat that borders on urgency. However, there’s also something truly mesmerizing going on, which is part the intriguing guitar work and Dario Margeli‘s warm vocals and affirmative speak singing. The Italian artist states about his latest release:

“Buddhist teachings and psychologists have talked about the importance of our responses to the events that come about in our lives. How does your mind respond to difficulty? Do you respond with unpleasant feelings? The problem is not the alarm clock, the problem is how our mind reacts to it with negative feelings.”

The lyrics are sort of meditative and this all makes for a highly appealing track. Listen to “How To Respond”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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For all fans of music in Italian, there’s also “Come Reagire” which is equally compelling:

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