SONG PICK: Voilá – Hundredth Second Chance



SONG PICK: Voilá – Hundredth Second Chance

In my playlist for two weeks already, “Hundredth Second Chance” charmed its way into my music loving heart, unabashedly upbeat and infectious. “Hundredth Second Chance” is the latest single by Los Angeles duo Violá, comprised of Luke Eisner and Gus Ross who say about their track:

“We’d say we put our heart and soul into these tracks, but it was more of a broken heart and soul.”

This kind of heart-break sounds like the sonic equivalent of a clear sky filled with a big fat rainbow after a heavy summer rain has passed. “Hundredth Second Chance” is one of these tracks, destined for remixes, especially given the duo’s background. Here is a huge dance club hit in the making! Listen to “Hundredth Second Chance”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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