New Music: Joe Wood – Had Enough



New Music: Joe Wood – Had Enough

It’s this time of year again… no, of course not that one, the other one, the one where love or heartbreak stand all front and center. Come to think of it, they play a big role during Christmas too. But back to tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day: in case you find yourself without a sweetheart (there is a day for everyone, when each one of us is missing a specific person in their life), “Had Enough” by Brooklyn-based artist Joe Wood might just be the right tune for you with its upbeat optimism, clear verbiage and message. Let’s hear it from Joe himself:

“Dating can be this never ending game of back and forth, and eventually you reach a boiling point and need to let your frustrations out and move on. Had Enough is a breakup anthem for someone frustrated and confused and who just needs to scream.”

If every ‘scream’ sounds as pleasant and alluring, I’d say bring ’em on! Listen to “Had Enough”, by Joe Wood now:

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