NEW MUSIC: Corey Flood – Soft



NEW MUSIC: Corey Flood – Soft

Corey Flood is the band of singer Ivy Gray-Klein, guitarists Noah Jacobson-Carroll and Em Boltz and drummer Juliette Rando. “Soft” is a raw, rough indie rock track about a not so pleasant emotional experience, as Ivy explains:

“Soft” is about trying to establish boundaries for yourself only to have them trampled on. It’s a reflection on the concept of the “soft boy” as a sort of emotional Trojan horse. That despite your best efforts to create a safe barrier around yourself, someone can still infiltrate it under the guise of emotional connection. It ultimately brings you to a reckoning with yourself and being resigned to the fact that you can never really know a person until you do.

“Soft” will be on the four track EP due out next Friday. Listen to the song on Bandcamp or Spotify:

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