SONG PICK: Goldkey – Faster



SONG PICK: Goldkey – Faster

New York-based artist Mike Horn, who goes by Goldkey, posses all that is essential to make a great singer/songwriter: rich and smooth vocals, artistry with some instruments and strong songwriting chops. Goldkey’s new release “Faster” is another gorgeous example for his story telling finesse as well as intricate guitar play and his charming vocals simply lure you in, wanting more.

It is often a slippery slope to make comparisons with other artists because we can never be sure how this is going to be perceived but I can not help but hear some of the things I love about John Mayer or Sufjan Stevens in “Faster”, and maybe you can hear that too.

Click the play-button and listen to “Faster”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Find “Faster” on all your favorite digital platforms come Friday, March 2nd and then come out and see Goldkey play live on April 27th, when he opens the April glamglare showcase. Follow Goldkey on Facebook for more updates.

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