SONG PICK: For Esmé – Doubtmouth



SONG PICK: For Esmé – Doubtmouth

Wrapped in a cheerful, dreamy electro-pop melody with driving beats, the message could not be any clearer! Great song, fantastic lyrics and perfect for now and always, “Doubtmouth” by Toronto-based singer/songwriter For Esmé. The artist says about the first track of her upcoming album “Righteous Woman” (5/25):

“I hate confrontation — probably more than anything. Unfortunately, I find it is an unavoidable and increasingly important part of being a woman who stands up for herself. When faced with it, I find I over analyze, overthink, and work too hard to justify my feelings of discontent — full of a fear that I will be labeled too much of something: too confident, too opinionated, too naive, too demanding, a bitch. I’m struck by how much less men seem filled with those same fears in return.”

Something even the most confident women struggle with, hence the anthemic chorus resonates beautifully:

Too tired to tiptoe between
Too much this and too much that tonight
Too bright a light
To be dimming myself down for you

… and with that resolution dazzling, listen to “Doubtmouth”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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