Song Pick: Pale Houses – The Ocean Bed



Song Pick: Pale Houses – The Ocean Bed

How can one single guitar chord hold so much longing and promise alike? It also only gets better as “The Ocean Bed” unfolds, morphing into an essentially optimistic track. The instantly appealing indie rock gem is the new single by Pale Houses, and will be on the Nashville-based quartet’s new EP “Songs of the Isolation”, out on March 30th.
Vocalist Aaron Robinson provides the following insight:

“I wrote and demoed ‘The Ocean Bed’ as a droning, mellow tune, I like to think that the band picked up on the longing and tension in the words and transformed it into the pop anthem that it needed to become.”

So yeah, I got the longing vibe right. Kudos to the gorgeous “The Ocean Bed”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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