SXSW 2018: Q&A with I Am Snow Angel



SXSW 2018: Q&A with I Am Snow Angel

A little less than two years ago, we wrote about I Am Snow Angel, the solo project of New York artist Julie Kathryn that “her brand of electronic music is airy and effortless, and her vocals enter your mind like a whisper in a dream”, which still holds true, and so much more. We could not be any happier to welcome the sought-after electronic producer, singer/songwriter on our Official SXSW Showcase, and sent a few of our questions Julie’s way. But first, let us set the mood by listening to “Fever”:

To get an even better idea of I Am Snow Angel’s aesthetics, and what she is up to, watch the trailer for her upcoming concept album “Mothership”:

Intrigued? Definitely! Here now our Q&A with Julie Kathryn aka I Am Snow Angel:

Q: Which albums or songs must always be on your phone?
Anything/everything by The National.

Q: Whom do you really want to see live during SXSW 2018?
There are some really innovative female musicians/producers I’m excited to check out – Sammus, Kaki King, Rachel Collier, Labaq and Amy Shark (to name a few).

Q: What do you think you might do first when arriving in Austin, TX?
I’ll probably get a snack and wander around. This will be my first time visiting Austin!

Q: You have a new album “Mothership” coming out. Will we get treated to some brand new material? Maybe even a premiere of sort?
Yes, you will definitely get treated to some new, unreleased music! I can’t wait to share it with you. I recorded this album by myself in a cabin in the woods. It’s been so fun to translate it into a live performance.

Q: Speaking of your new album, you recently mentioned it might be “darker”. Can you explain a bit more?
Well, being alone for days on end in the woods, I was able to access my emotions at a deeper level. And that includes all of the darkness I experience but don’t always allow myself to explore. As a result, I think the music is more layered – both emotionally and sonically.

Q: Not only are you co-founder of Female Frequency but you also design sounds for Ableton. This sounds amazing, and are we wondering if you have identified one of your sounds in the work of other musicians?
Not yet, but I think I will soon! The presets I designed are in the “Synth Essentials” pack that was released along with Ableton Live 10 (the newest version of Ableton) this past January.

Q: Are you a night owl?
Yes, 100%. If I don’t force myself to go to sleep, I’ll stay up all night without feeling tired.

Q: As long time fans, we have asked you this question before but are curious what you will say now, almost two years later.
If you could choose to live in a decade (music, style, etc.) which one would it be? Hmmm. Right now, I’d have to say I’d want to live during the 80s, when synthesizers were developing and reaching the mainstream. There was a boldness and unapologetic feeling of indulgence to the music.

Thanks so much, Julie! Love it that you changed the last question up, and we somehow sensed this coming.  Looking forward to nightowl-ing a bit with you in Austin, albeit everything closes at 2:00 am.

See I Am Snow Angel live on March 14th, at The Iron Bear in Austin, TX at 8:00 pm.

Add I Am Snow Angel to your favs.

Stream I Am Snow Angel on Spotify:

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