SONG PICK: TT – Love Leaks



SONG PICK: TT – Love Leaks

TT is the solo project of Theresa Wayman, singer and guitarist in Warpaint, my favorite band. So I’m highly biased here and she probably could play “All My Little Ducklings” on a banjo for a glamglare Song Pick. But fortunately and not surprisingly “Love Leaks” is much better than that. Like with the 2016 solo album of her band mate Jenny Lee she does not stray too far from Warpaint’s canon, but there are less guitars, more synths and electronic drums. She calls trip hop, this ultra-relaxed electronic music genre from the 90s her musical inspiration and as a globally touring musician and single mother, she has a lot of stories to tell. Theresa explains in her newsletter:

in a way since i was a teenager and laying on my bed, listening to albums and feeling teenage and emotional. or riding around in cars with my friends, listening to music after work, wanting my life to be my own. harnessing the power that comes with creating something. turning your insides out so that the world can see who you are. so that i can see who i am!

The full album “LoveLaws” is out on May 18.

Listen to “Love Leaks” on SoundCloud or Spotify:

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