VIDEO PREMIERE: Ariah & – Gold Bottle



VIDEO PREMIERE: Ariah & – Gold Bottle

New York born and raised singer/songwriter Ariah Noetzel, who goes by the stage name Ariah &, decided to give one of her songs the video treatment, the mysteriously catchy “Gold Bottle”.

We could not be any happier to exclusively premiere the intriguing music video to maybe our favorite Ariah & tune. In a smart move, the video focuses on Ariah herself, because the musician is drop dead gorgeous, her brand of indie rock uncompromisingly compelling, and her vocals powerful yet also sensual – what more is needed?

Asked about “Gold Bottle”, Ariah provides the following insight:

“This video is a collaboration with the amazing director Marta Urszula Gac, and the incredibly talented director of photography Andrew Abballe. The song hits on a juxtaposition in mindset, and we sort of used the opportunity to make it a love letter to New York City, and highlight some of the beautiful contradictions in the city itself, from the vibrant bright colors in Bushwick, to the softer, more natural background of Central Park. We are so excited to share it with the world!”

Right. We forgot to mention the city backdrop, which never takes center stage but is just “there”, being used to let Ariah & and her music shine.

Watch “Gold Bottle”, and be ready for some serious enchantment:

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Next show by Ariah & is Sunday, March 25th at Sunnyvale BK. Ariah plays at 10:00 pm.

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