SONG PICK: Saltwater Sun – The Wire



SONG PICK: Saltwater Sun – The Wire

I marveled already in our 2016 Song Pick about the band’s name, Saltwater Sun: pleasure and danger could not be better expressed in two words. The U.K. five-piece tackles another kind of antithesis in their new song: the same wire that connects us more than ever can also be separating. The band explains:

Recently I think we’ve found ourselves part of a society divided by misinformation and distrust. The Wire is taking a look at the turbulent times we live in; the world’s never been so connected, yet it’s very easy to feel detached.

“The Wire” is a fast-moving rock song with catchy guitar lines and Jen Stearnes irresistible vocals. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day on SoundCloud or Spotify:

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