NEW MUSIC: Vinegar Mother – Moon Tomb



NEW MUSIC: Vinegar Mother – Moon Tomb

Beautifully jazzy, with rich and expressive vocals that tell a story all on their own, “Moon Tomb” is one of those songs that would be fitting in the world’s most famous hotel bars. The exquisitely instrumented and executed “Moon Tomb” is the latest single by Brooklyn-based psychedelic soul-rock quintet Vinegar Mother ahead of their upcoming full-length album “Phases”.

Vinegar Mother is comprised of Julia Zivic ​(vocals and lyrics), Itamar Gov-Ari ​(keyboard), ​Jason Zivic (drums), ​Mike Roninson (bass), with ​Chris Mazuera joining as lead guitarist in recent years. The band members are heavily influencing each other and “Phases” will show more of these collaborative synergies. Listen to “Moon Tomb”, and pay also special attention to the wonderfully poetical lyrics:

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