NEW MUSIC: Host – Goodbye



NEW MUSIC: Host – Goodbye

“Goodbye”, the debut single by Ireland-based singer/producer Host is a triumphant, bright pop song with a nod to the 80s. Its topic is rather sad, though, as Host explains:

Goodbye is about putting your heart and soul into a shit relationship that inevitably falls apart  right before your eyes, but being totally blind sighted by love you missed it all and go into denial overload thinking, it’s not possible, this did not happen, it just can’t be true!
Realising your love was unrequited you begin to sink. You’re downing but you just won’t die.

But maybe, together with the video, this is all part of the message: even in the darkest moments, a bottle of wine can help and eventually it all becomes a memory.

Watch the video to “Goodbye” here:

Listen to “Goodbye” on SoundCloud or Spotify:

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