SONG PICK: Mars Motel – Living In The Moment



SONG PICK: Mars Motel – Living In The Moment

Leave it to Brooklyn-based indie rockers Mars Motel to create irresistible jangly dream pop because they did it again with the gorgeous “Living In The Moment” – maybe the dreamiest of their singles to date.

The band around singer/songwriter Sarik Kumar tends to fascinate audiences when they perform live, not at least due to their skilled guitar work, and overall charming vibe. As we came to know and love it from Mars Motel, every song has a distinct story, and here’s the one for “Living In The Moment”:

“It’s a song about youth and independence, and the lyrics touch upon the time when one leaves home and goes out into the world. But upon returning, the place you once remembered and loved so much somehow feels different and unfamiliar.”

Coming up with “Living In The Moment” as a take-away feels apt and inspired. Listen to the beautifully mellow  “Living In The Moment”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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