SONG PICK: Mainland – Villains



SONG PICK: Mainland – Villains

Mainland, who call both, California and New York their home, have found their voice and sound because their just released EP “Villains” is nothing short but stunning! It features familiar Mainland ingredients like catchy hooks and versatile vocals, in a more exquisite wrapping, Aside from last year’s anthemic “I Found God” with its stellar video, the EP holds more lighter fare, bright and poppy songs, still grounded in some welcomed grittiness. The advancement in song writing might have to do with their change of scenery. Jordan Topf provides:

“We got some fresh perspective by going back to California, being in our new surroundings that were familiar, yet so different really influenced the album. We want to make music that fulfills us on a personal level. These songs are heart-on-your-sleeve. This is the arrival of who we are as a band.”

We decided on the upbeat “Villains” as our Song Pick of the Day. Give it a listen and then continue with the entire EP which should put Mainland firmly on the map:

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