SONG PICK: Not.Your.Regular.Boy. – Crazyland



SONG PICK: Not.Your.Regular.Boy. – Crazyland

There are many songs featuring crazy catchy hooks that are usually more on the bright side, the ones in “Crazyland” though beg to differ being of the darker kind with shiny sparkles thrown in. “Crazyland” is the debut single by Ferry de Ruiter, hailing from Amsterdam and creating his own music under the moniker Not.Your.Regular.Boy. With the help of Dutch producer collective Voice Calling Radio (Sweetwood, Rembrandtpark),  Ferry de Ruiter recorded a multitude of songs of which Crazyland is the first single. The artist in his own words:

“I’m color, I’m black/white, I’m Everything. I’m Not.Your.Regular.Boy. I don’t wanna identify myself as a man or a woman but as a human, as Not.Your.Regular.Boy. I don’t try to be labeled. For me, music is my life, I seriously wouldn’t know what to do without music. I wanna go my way instead of the way that was laid out for me. The music we will release will be very personal because I’m the leader in this project and having that freedom feels amazing.”

Stripped off the history that surrounds Not.Your.Regular.Boy. (Ferry de Ruiter walked away from the The Voice finals) and all that he aims for, what remains is the music: and “Crazyland” is glorious 80s tinged synthpop (think “Flashdance”), with killer vocals and a lot of mesmerizing swirl and swagger. Listen to “Crazyland”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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… and there’s a glamorous music video too, for all of us who want MORE of Not.Your.Regular.Boy.:

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