SONG PICK: James Supercave – Something To Lose



SONG PICK: James Supercave – Something To Lose

Casually listening to nothing specific, aka letting Apple Radio run, and sandwiched between new singles from MGMT and Radiohead was a gem of a song that made me listen with excitement, and look up the track and artist! “Something To Lose” is the new single by L.A.-based quartet James Supercave, and it is a luxuriously pretty slice of indie pop. With “Something To Lose” even the greyest days of dreary days look a little friendlier, and even the darkest mood of gloomy moods should brighten up at least a notch. Listen to our sparkly Song Pick of the Day, and be ready for a little sonic sunshine:

For your Spotify playlist:

Listen to “Something To Lose” on Apple Music.

Go see James Supercave live when they perform in San Francisco on May 12 or in San Diego on June 7th.

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