SONG PICK: Easton – Blue Love



SONG PICK: Easton – Blue Love

The color ‘blue’ is not one easily to be associated with the feeling of ‘love’, yet this is exactly what Texas-born and Los Angeles-based artist Easton Schirra does, choosing “Blue Love” as the title for his debut single. While Easton Schirra is a sought after photographer by trade, he started to explore songwriting while living in New York, and is pursuing music wholeheartedly now under his first name Easton. “Blue Love” is Easton’s first single, and it is a glorious, glittering pop pearl!

Easton in his own words about “Blue Love”:

“This song is about drowning in love and the swelling of emotions. Holding your breath, sinking deeper and letting it wash over you until you’re drenched .”

Beautifully put! Listen to the alluring  “Blue Love”, our Song Pick of the Day:

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