SONG PICK: Yip Yops – She



SONG PICK: Yip Yops – She

It would be easy to dismiss “She” as ‘yet another pop rock song’ by lending the track solely a few seconds of attention because what unravels is truly extraordinary! Los Angeles-based quartet  Yip Yops allows them themselves to not only be creative musically but also to play with expectations. The listener thinks to know where “She” is heading but Yip Yops are the ones who show the way, and it is a surprising one with a few unexpected turns, most noticeably the rad rhythm changes, the fuzzy synths chords and the standout vocals. “We’ll never get comfortable. It’s about being uncomfortable and continuing to push.” explains singer and guitarist Ison Van Winkle. This can be heard on “She”, their crazy cool new track which will put them even more firmly on the map of those to watch.

Try to see Yip Yops live when they are on tour with Lauren Ruth Ward, and listen to our Song Pick of the Day for now:

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